Elephant Sandwich





This was Adrienne’s favorite game last week. Anytime we had a spare hour at the house (which was seldom…we have been super busy)  she started making sandwiches. Sandwiches with felt ingredients, but sandwiches nonetheless. Somehow she got the idea that an elephant would be the perfect addition to her culinary creations. I can’t say I disagree, either.

[The felt sandwich pieces were a Christmas gift (thanks Cendy!) and are from Doug and Melissa]


(Also, I am in the process of transferring ALL (three years of recipes) over to a recipage. It is going to be super organized and easy to use once I get it all done, but it is a ton of work right now. I have committed myself to working on it for one hour a day. Thanks for your patience!)

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  1. lindsay:

    can A make me an elephant sammie ;-)

    How do you do recipage? I need this but am confused. LOL

  2. Katie:

    There are two versions, one is free (the one I have) and it actually takes you to THEIR page where you store your recipes. You just have to input each one manually, which is a pain, but will be better in the end. (The other version that you pay for you can actually embed the recipage right on your site).

    All you have to do is sign up, click ADD RECIPE, then log a few hours in front of the computer screen entering all of your recipes. It’s not hard work, just tedious! I’m actually kind of enjoying going back through all of my posts.

  3. Jo @ LivingMintGreen:

    She is SO sweet – I love her!

  4. Lindsay's List:

    i would enjoy reading back through all your posts too! ;) My favorite part of your old writing were the student stories – so funny!

  5. joelle (on a pink typewriter):

    Love little A’s concentration in the second to last photo.

  6. Katie:

    Hah! You would. It’s making me miss those kiddos. Sort of.

  7. Katie @ Talk Less, Say More:

    If she ever decides to go vegetarian in her lifetime, you should remind her of this moment. ;)

  8. janetha:

    she’s meeker’s twin. that is all.

  9. Heather @ Heather's Dish:

    I am in the process of recipe organization too…if I still lived in CO I would say let’s leave the kiddos with their dads one day and crank it all out together over some coffee or a glass of wine!

    (or both – since it’d probably take all day!)

  10. Katie:

    That would be a dream come true!

  11. Katie:

    Riiiight? It’s a source of immense pride for him, too.

  12. Caitlin:

    Well that is just so funny, I literally signed up for recipage like 10 minutes ago! Then I read this post! Haha but you have SO many recipes. I barely have any to transfer – so good luck!
    This is adorable. I just love seeing your little girl play and grow!

  13. Caitlin:

    Agreed, those were funny stories!

  14. Cait's Plate:

    Making the move over to recipage feels overwhelming but it is SO worth it in the end!

    I completely support it to since I’m always trying to save and store my Katie recipes for later use :)

    I think the elephant sandwich needs to be #1 on the list!

  15. lynn @ the actor's diet:

    i want an elephant sandwich!

  16. Sarah:

    I often say “I’m so hungry I could eat an elephant!” This could take care of that right quick.

  17. Katie:

    I love that you used the phrase “right quick”

  18. Ross | TheFaceBaby:

    Does she recommend them with pickles? I think I’d like to try mine with pickles. And a side of zebra fries. Thanks.

  19. Kelly:

    She can make me a sandwich any day!!

  20. Happy Humpday | Amanda's New Life:

    [...] Elephant Sandwich from Yes, I Want Cake [...]

  21. Lauren @ Oatmeal after Spinning:

    The sandwich toy pieces are SO cute. But- I think you need to get that girl a Jenga game! She’d be great at it! :)