Spinach & Pancetta Pizza

We have an important issue over here.


Do you like your cheese on top of your pizza toppings, or do you like your toppings on top of your cheese?

I like it the first way, Meeker likes it the latter.


I like to be able to see what I’m biting into next. Meeker likes the cheese to glue his toppings down to the crust.


I like to be able to see my vegetables on my pizza because it helps justify eating an entire pizza. Meeker needs no justification for cheese and bread consumption. (Ugh, boys)



I like the colors of the toppings. Meeker likes the color of…well, he just likes cheese.


But either way you do it, this pizza is incredible. Salty, cheesy, full of vegetables (and pancetta), pretty (unless you cover all the colors with your cheese) and delicious.

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