A lot of you ask me what miss Adrienne does when I am cooking/taking pictures of my cooking.

The broad answer would really be she plays.  Sometimes she likes to help me cook. She also likes to take the dog for a walk around the house. She also likes to go up and down the stairs. She also likes to listen to music and dance.

But her most favorite of all activities is painting. On big rocks, on her belly, inside boxes, in the bathtub, or just on a big white piece of paper that I tape down to the coffee table (and move into the kitchen so the paint can go everywhere and I don’t have to scrub the carpets).

When in doubt, we paint.

[we like this paint, and this paper best]


Also, forgot to mention yesterday that I did a fashion guest post (ahahaha!) over at Gingham and Steel – head over and say hello!

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