Until last week, I didn’t even know what a caffe americano was.

I had heard the term, but didn’t have any clue what was involved. I like black coffee. No cream, no sugar. No lattes. No mochas.

Just strong, black coffee. Never iced. (NEVER!)

(Except I just lied because sometimes I like to put a splash of real cream in a nice strong cup of piping hot coffee. When I have real cream on hand. Which is approximately three times per year.)


So anyway. I didn’t know what a caffe americano was until I went to coffee with some friends a couple of weeks ago and ordered decaf coffee. The nice barista told me that they didn’t brew decaf after a certain hour (that hour had passed) BUT, she could make me a decaf americano.

Uh, sure, I said. (trying to be cool and pretend I knew exactly what she was talking about)


Then all of a sudden, I’m drinking this thing that I’m madly in love with called an americano, and I HAVE to know how to make it at home. It’s not a totally different experience than just drinking a cup of strong coffee. But really, it is. More velvety. Richer. Just better.

After about twenty seconds of research I learn that it is just espresso and hot water. I can totally do that.

Except for that my first few attempts were all wrong.

Way too weak.

Still too weak.

Too strong.

And then, what I like to call the  Goldilocks Americano (it’s juuussst right) emerged.


Homemade Americano

  • an espresso maker – the kind I have is really cheap and works well
  • 2 heaping tablespoons of finely ground, dark roast coffee*
  • 1 cup water, divided

Put 1/2 C of the water in the bottom well of your espresso maker. Fill the little funnel-looking thing with the coffee, screw the top part on, and set it over medium heat.

Then boil the other 1/2 C water in another pot or tea kettle.

When the espresso has boiled up into the top part of the espresso maker, pour it and the hot water into a little cup and enjoy!

*You could obviously use espresso roast coffee, but then this ratio might be a bit off. Play around with it. Find your Goldilocks Americano.

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