feeding punky

feeding punky1

feeding punky2

We have a good dog.

She puts up with attempted horseback (dogback) rides. Tail pulling. Leashed walks led by a toddler around and around (and around) the house. Toys in her face. Dog bones taken out of her mouth. A lot of yelling. Love pats (smacks). More yelling.

And lately, she has been eating her food off the kitchen floor, as Adrienne has decided that she is the sole member of our family who is allowed to feed Punky.

About half the time, she gets it in the dog bowl, which means that half the time, sweet, sweet Punky eats it right off the floor. Without complaining at all.

We love you, Punky Bones. We had no way of knowing when we picked the most rambunctious, squiggly pup out of the litter and took you home with us (four years ago!) what a gentle, patient dog you would become.

feeding punky3

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