Coffee is a big deal in my life. I love how it smells, how it feels in my hand, the anticipation of waiting for it to brew (I’m partial to the french press right now), the color, the mugs, the morning routine.

In fact, I like to think that I’m more addicted to the ritual of coffee than the caffeine, but in all honesty, I’m probably hooked on both. And I’m totally one-hundred percent okay with it. I just love it so.

This week is a good one to proclaim my devotion for it.  We are celebrating Meeker’s 28th birthday, planning Adrienne’s 2nd birthday party (this will be her first ever birthday party), flying (by myself, with a toddler) to Utah to see these two lovely girls, finalizing BLEND stuff, enduring another springtime snowstorm, and being sort of crazy emotional about the approaching anniversary of my mama’s passing (I can’t even think about Mother’s Day without welling up).

So, my solution is to try to get enough sleep (hah) and drink coffee when I’m awake (I’m pretty sure the coffee part isn’t helping with the sleeping part).

I wish we could all hunker down under a blanket and share a cup of coffee together. Oh, I wish that so much! But until that day, just know I love you and thanks for reading and hanging with me in the busy parts and the boring parts and the emotional parts and the regular parts of my life.

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