Gasp, freak out, cry, get excited, jump around, freak out again.

Our little girl baby mcgee turns two years old on Saturday.

And you know what, (almost) two year olds are amazing. The way her little brain works is fascinating. She is such a little PERSON, ya know? She has her own thoughts and her own opinions. Her own likes. Her own (strong) dislikes. Oh, and she can tell me about all of them. With her own words (what??!).


Sometimes this means a big, giant, planking, feet-stomping tantrum. But other times this means toddling (she still toddles like a little ducky) up to her mama, fastening her arms securely around my neck and saying, I love you so, so much. (she really does say so, so much…I almost die of cuteness and overwhelming love every time.)


But, HONESTLY. Two year olds are fantastic. I refuse to ever refer to this year as the terrible-twos. That’s just silly. Of course there will be challenges, probably at ever age. But can you imagine someone saying about you…Oh that’s Katie. She’s 28, just ignore her. Since she’s 28, she’ll probably just be wretched for a whole entire year. Wouldn’t you feel…uh…terrible?

I’m determined to call out her good behavior. Not her terrible behavior. Not only does doing so change my attitude about parenting, but it’s such a huge part of building her identity. (aaack, sometimes the pressure of building a person’s identity is just the teensiest bit overwhelming). Meeker is especially good at this. Every single day of her life he sits on the floor, looks in her eyes (no matter what her behavior is at the moment) and tells her these three things: I love you and I like you. I approve of you. You are a blessing.


There are times when she does ACT terribly, though. Like when she asks for eggs for breakfast and I set eggs down in front of her three minutes later and she throws herself out of her chair and on to the floor Scarlett O’Hara style. HOW DARE YOU GIVE ME EGGS WHEN I JUST ASKED FOR EGGS!?!?!? Or when she screams in a grocery store because she wants to walk, not ride in the cart, and when I let her walk she takes off sprinting and knocking things off of shelves. That’s terrible behavior. Not (even close to) a terrible little girl.


On the flip side, there are days when she sings every single word of Marry You by Bruno Mars correctly and then asks me to marry her. There are moments before bed when she asks if we can pray for her cousins and her Poppy and her dog and our neighbors. Her brain astounds me. The rate at which she soaks up new information is just plain crazy. She knows how to spell her name. She can draw a circle. She can recite entire books. She (usually) remembers to say PLEASE and THANK YOU. She plays with my hair, rubs my back, and says MAMA, FRUSTRATED? When I am indeed frustrated. She is my little tiny best friend. As far as I’m concerned folks, she hung the moon.  Meeker and I often look at each other and just say can you believe how awesome she is?! I mean, we are her parents, so we’re sorta kinda biased. But seriously. Two year olds (especially mine) are the bee’s knees.


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