Thank you again (so much) for your kind words and questions/feedback on our homeschooling decision. I know it’s not for everyone, and I really appreciate all the love and respectful responses I got after sharing my heart on the matter.

A few of you were interested in specific things we are doing, so here is one of our favorite games (we call it the bean game) that has really helped Adrienne be able to recognize her numbers and start to count correctly (she can list numbers up to twenty, but still struggles with actually assigning numbers to an item)

bean game

You’ll need a little tub of beans (or dried pasta, or legos, or something small)

number identification   counting

Plus a piece of paper with large numbers + corresponding dots on it

matching   counting

^^this is the ultimate goal of this activity, to be able to count out the beans and put the correct amount on each number/dot. We also have flash cards and we find the matching numbers and count out those beans.

number identification

But since Adrienne just turned two, I’m pretty happy with just saying put a handful of beans on number 4, and her being able to do that. She loves it when I clap and cheer each time she gets it correct. Makes my heart swell.

two year old homeschool numbers

Sometimes I say put six beans on number 6, and then we count them out together. The whole activity usually lasts about ten minutes.

Then she gets tired of counting (and following my directions) and likes to transfer beans into an old salsa jar, which is cool too. Fine motor skills in action, right there.

homeschool number identification

As far as other lessons, I will work on sharing some more specifics, but I can tell you it’s not very complicated at this point. The whole world is a classroom, that just sounds so cheesy…I know, but for a two year old, it’s seriously true.

Math: cooking, counting (we count EVERYTHING in our day), puzzles, patterns (with blocks and Legos), comparing big and small things, measuring

Science: gardening, nature walks, cooking (again!), the zoo, museums

Reading: The alphabet song, pointing out letters at the grocery store (sometimes I draw a letter on her hand and we spend the day finding and talking about all the things that start with that letter), playing with letter blocks, this app (adrienne’s favorite), story time at the library, and…well, reading. We read A LOT.

Social studies: reading, reading, reading (again!), traveling, playing with a globe (that thing is so fun to spin), talking about the world, hiking, swimming, being around people, talknig about our community and the jobs people do in it…I mean, this one is too easy.

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