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clothes pin colors


Sorry for the crickets around here lately. I just can’t seem to make myself stay inside and cook things when I know that the end of summer is around the corner. Makes me weepy just to think about that.

So, lets think about colors! Adrienne has her colors down pretty well, but she sometimes confuses red and green. I’ve also noticed that she doesn’t understand matching too well. So, I found a similar idea on pinterest, and we’ve been having a blast matching colors this weekend.

My brain is also swimming with all the extension activities you could do with this clothes pin + card idea when she masters the color thing (which she basically did after three rounds). Sight words/pictures, numbers/ number dots, rhyming words…so many things.

But for this activity, I just took some paint card samples from Lowe’s, trimmed them down, then hot glued a strip of them to clothes pins. It took a minute for her to figure out how to open the clothes pins, but with a little help, she figured it out and, actually, that may have been her favorite part of the whole activity.

Hey mamas/teachers, any other good ideas out there to practice matching?

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