plain paper presents

paint dots1

toddler made wrapping paper

glitter   paint wrapping paper

toddler made gift wrap

christmas gift wrapping

I’m not one of those people who has their presents all formally wrapped, tagged and beautifully tied up in fancy bows. I really like plain white or brown paper with red and white ribbons.

But I think Adrienne wishes things were a bit more flashy. She likes glitter (a lot) and she really, really likes the presents under the tree. (I’ve had to wrap and re-wrap them twice.) So, I thought I better involve her if I wanted her to stop tearing off the (boring brown and white) paper.

So, she made them better. With glitter (obviously), and now they’re way too pretty for her to want to rip apart. I know the grandparents (and other two and three year old cousins) will really appreciate the sparkle.

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