collard greens

sweet potato   greens   egg

lunch lately [sweet potato   greens   egg]

[sweet potato + sautéed collard greens + over easy egg]

Lately, I’ve been able to squeeze in five, maybe six, bites of food in my baby-squished-belly before I am on the verge of uncomfortably full. It’s sort of the pits. But sort of neat because I can eat about ten times a day and not feel weird about it at all.

But this lunch was an exception. It was so darn good that I ate up the whole entire thing, and then felt like I was going to burst with happiness and fullness at the same time.

I think Adrienne felt the same way because afterwards she napped for the first time in weeks, and I maybe, sorta, kinda fell asleep on the couch too.

I think that qualifies as a good lunch.

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