thirty eight weeks

thirty-eight weeks

Thirty-eight weeks! Holy guacamole. I can’t believe we’re two(ish) weeks away from meeting the little guy…

I am so excited I could burst.
I am waddling like a champion.
I want to eat skittles by the bucket-full.
I feel amazing. So much better than I did with Adrienne at this point.
I am still exercising every day…slowly.
I cannot wait to see Adrienne as a big sister. I already cry when she sings to her dolls.
The nursery is finished. (Meeker is awesome. He did it all.)
I have contractions all day long.
I’m a little nervous about my ability to be a good mama to two kiddos.
I still need to pack my hospital bag.
I hope I don’t go into labor during a snowstorm.
Still no name. I told Meeker he could pick one after we see him.
My belly button is hilariously out there. (Can you see it in the pictures up there?!)
I am so excited I could burst. Again.




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