button sorting

color sorting


I’ve been thinking and reading so much lately about living intentionally. Slowing down, not worshipping busyness, not jam-packing our lives so full of things in the name of ‘productivity’. Obviously there very real things that need to get done every day, but  I’m determined to step back and examine my priorities a bit. (admittedly, having a precious newborn who only sleeps in my arms and who eats every two hours has taught me a thing or two about slowing down, too.)

I want to make sure we have time in our day just to sit at the art table and color or paint or read or talk. I want to make sure I am not so set on “activities” that I take away the opportunity for Adrienne to play and explore things on her own. For us to just BE.

So, button sorting.

An open-ended activity with a purpose. Not necessarily an end accomplishment…but a purpose, nevertheless. Fine motor skills, colors, patterns, grouping, counting…and plenty of moments to chat in between.

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