some snippets of our week. from left to right, top to bottom.

one // the makings of oat croutons. OAT CROUTONS, you guys.

two // Jesse and Punky – these two crack me up. They already love each other. Punky likes to lick and lick and lick his baby soft skin (and smell his diapers) and Jesse likes to smile and laugh at the big beast that stands over him every time he’s on the floor. (LAUGH, he’s laughing these days…it’s the absolute best.)

three //  I was in the shower the other morning, and Adrienne took all of our apples and stuck them on the end of our bbq skewers and was eating the apple off of each one. She called it an “apple popstickle”. sort of dangerous, sort of hilarious.

four //  the teacher in me is so excited that AB is old enough to do crafts and memorization activities. this week we learned Galations 5:22-23 and we made a little tree with “fruit” to help. That girl has the best memory I’ve ever witnessed. It takes her about three seconds to memorize ANYTHING. (Also, she read her first word this week! Like, sounded out the letters and everything. The word was SPLASH and she saw it on the cover or a book. I’m pretty tickled about it.)

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