art table



art tables

glue and buttons

sad face

(^^ tortured artist)


Here’s the thing about kids and art. It’s going to be messy. Sometimes you (me!) just have to bite your tongue or sit on your hands and just let your kiddos do things the wrong way.

Let them hold the scissors upside down. Let them pour every last piece of glitter in a rapidly expanding puddle of glue. Let them paint their arms and elbows and bellies.Let them spill water all over the watercolors and make a big colorful watery mess. Sometimes you even have to let them paint with so much gusto that they rip right through the paper onto the table beneath, and sometimes they will get frustrated and cry because it doesn’t turn out like they want it to. But it’s okay. Because…how else will they learn about scissors and glitter and glue and paintbrushes and fine motor skills and life?

If it’s in the hand, it’s in the brain (my mama always used to say that about teaching). So, just set up a bunch of artsy stuff (with a proper dropcloth/old sheet underneath) and sit back and watch the messy magic. It’ll be fun, I promise.

hanging kids art

(and this is how we like to hang all the masterpieces)

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