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I am currently recovering from mastitis for the gazillionth (okay, third) time. I actually screamed…’SERIOUSLY??!’…when I woke up with it early Monday morning, but I’ve since come to just take it for what it is. If getting a little infection is what happens from being able to nurse my boy, then I can hack it. I’ll put his health before my own any old day of the week. But I am taking it as a sign that I need to relax more. Sleep more (hah!), and take better care of myself.

Aside from that, life is so good. Adrienne is three and awesome at it. She constantly amazes me with how much she is able to learn in a single day. I am so proud of her it hurts sometimes. Jesse is nearly four months, and as long as he’s fed and rested, he is positively the happiest baby on the planet. The smile never leaves that boys face. Meeker is DONE with school (for now, anyway) and that means he is home every blessed night of the week. Summer is coming (even though it snowed last week) and we are so ready. Halleljuah and amen.

I’ll be back tomorrow to share a recipe for spinach pie that we’ve been enjoying. Sounds weird, but tastes good.

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