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Last week, Adrienne begged me to make cupcakes for her every single day. I totally would have, but the timing just didn’t work out. I ways always right in the middle of something when she asked me so I kept saying…later, later, later. Until Friday morning (at like, 6am) when she asked me and I was about to put her off again (I hadn’t even had coffee yet, darn it) when I realized I could let her try her hand at making them herself.

I helped of course. I told her how many cups of flour and sugar to add. How many eggs to beat (in that adorable little pink mixer she got for Christmas last year). When to put things in the mixer.

But she really did to most of it my herself. And by golly, they were edible. A little dense (she measured that flour with gusto, and let the mixer run until kingdom come, folks) but not bad at all! We even brought a couple to a friend who just had a baby, and she texted me the next day and said the cupcakes were a huge hit. Hah!

chocolate marshmallow cupcake

We used this basic chocolate cupcake recipe, and then AB stuck rolos and marshmallows and sprinkles in before baking.

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