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jess and AB

By far and away, the question I get most since having Jesse is what is it like having two kids now? My quick answer is always, I sleep less. And although I really do sleep less (like, a lot a lot a lot less), that answer doesn’t do it justice.

The first few months were a major adjustment for me. My recovery from Jesse’s birth was really tough. Physically, emotionally…I was sort of a wreck. Jesse was only sleeping one hour at a time, and Adrienne was going through some sort of weird sleep rebellion, too. I was getting only getting 2-3 hours a night of broken sleep for about two months, and I wasn’t functioning very well. I forgot dentist appointments, birthday parties, and playdates. I lost my phone at least five times. And even though I was supremely happy to have two kids, I cried a lot. Just out of sheer exhaustion. I read this article about two thousand times and just prayed that someday I would sleep.

Now, Jesse is almost five months old (next week!) and although he still wakes up every couple of hours in the night, I think I’ve adjusted. It’s also been so fun to see Jesse’s personality emerge and see Adrienne as a big sister…a role she excels at. Honestly, she is indispensable to me. She calms Jesse when he cries. She plays with him and makes him laugh while I make dinner. She brings me things (diapers, wipes, a pacifier) when I need them. She is amazing. Watching the two of them interact is the most joy I’ve ever felt. My little mama heart just swells with pride at both of them…for just being.

So, really. What’s it like having two kids opposed to one? Well, I sleep less. But it’s okay because where I used to sleep is now replaced with so much life. Tears and tantrums and singing and laughing and cooing and snuggles and joy. Having two kids is better than having one kid. It is more work, but along with that comes so much love my heart nearly explodes on a daily basis. It’s the best and I never want to stop having babies.

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