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jesse jumping

This kid. He also has the bluest eyes I’ve ever seen (when we’re outside they are NEON). He is tall (long?) and scraggly. Not nearly enough rolls on those legs if you ask me, but he’s working on it. He eats every three hours on.the.hour – day and night, night and day. He’s got this sweet little peach fuzz hair that his sister had, and I’m desperately hoping we end up with another towhead. He can roll over and sit up and likes to grab my hair and stuff it in his mouth.

He laughs and laughs and laughs at everyone, all you have to do is look at him, and he’ll get this big drooly grin on his face and start giggling. It’s funny how different his personality is from Adrienne’s. She takes so long to warm up to people, and this bub just grabs a hold of your heart and starts making friends the instant he looks into your eyes. He rarely cries, but instead yells really loudly when he wants something…food, a snuggle, a nap. He hollers at me. I think it’s endearing…but really, I think everything he does is precious. He has my heart in that little tiny fist of his and he is not letting go. My boy. My sweet, sweet boy.

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