I feel like I all talk about is sleep. It’s incredibly boring. I actually catch myself  boring myself in conversations with other mamas (and Meeker and the internet) about the lack of sleep around our house. I really am going to try and stop talking about how tired I am. Really, really.

But first, I have to tell you about this precious early morning that my girl and I had last week.

My best hours of sleep are usually from 4am – 6am. It’s just about the only two hours of uninterrupted sleep I get in the night, and when it get’s interrupted, oh baby. Watch out. I have to use all my will power not to lash out at the person (or dog or neighbor’s car door or chirping birds RIGHT BY MY WINDOW) who woke me. I mean, my kids are three years old and five months old, they don’t know how to tell time, and they can’t help it when they wake up, they just open there eyes and Hello world!

So anyway. It was someday last week and I had spent half the night in Jesse’s rocking chair, and the other half in Adrienne’s bed rubbing her back and finnnallly climbed back into my own bed and fallen asleep when Adrienne happily bounced into the room during my happy sleep time. I’m pretty sure the first words out of my mouth were why in the world are you awake? Good morning, to her, huh?

As I pried my sleepy eyes open and realized how rude that was, I apologized and I suggested we go downstairs and get her something to eat. She of course forgave me and gave me a big old kiss. Three year olds are really good at forgiving.

adrienne in the morning light

As the sun rose, we made our way outside on the deck, and it was like all of a sudden, the early morning was beautiful again. I used to wake up at 4am to workout before I had kiddos, but that was when I had a good six or seven hours of sleep tucked under my belt. Somewhere in the last few months, I had forgotten how much I love the early morning.

I set Adrienne up with some milk and a smoothie and some books, I got myself some coffee and my bible, and all of a sudden I was just overwhelmed at how fortunate I am and how amazing it is to have an incredible outdoor space that my ridiculously handsome husband built with his own two hands – it reminds me of how beautiful the world is. It’s like we step outside and everyone’s mood instantly lifts and I’m aware of how lovely everything is. When that sun starts seeping into my skin and the world starts to light up, I’m acutely aware of how much I love those precious children of mine and, although they can’t sleep through the night to save their lives,  I am so blessed to call them mine.

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