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I grew up going to the sand dunes in southern Colorado with my family. We would camp, hike, play in the water…this place is summer perfection.

The other night Meeker and I were sitting on our deck after the kiddos had gone to bed and we decided that we wanted to go as a family this summer. We looked at our calendar and realized we had better go this weekend if we wanted to make it happen. (summmmer why aren’t you longer???)

Anyway, it’s about a three and a half hour drive from our house, so Sunday morning we hopped in the car and drove down, had a little picnic (I’m going to share a good pack-able salad we had with you guys later this week), hiked a little (we didn’t even make it close to the top with the two little ones), tried to sled (didn’t work), and splashed around a little. I had actually heard that the water had dried up and was so sad about it, but apparently it’s a seasonal thing and we caught it just on the tail end. Hip hip hooray! In the end, we decided it was a really long car ride for one day, BUT totally worth it. Adrienne thinks it’s the greatest place on earth…Meeker had to literally drag her to the car. LITERALLY. Maybe next year we’ll try camping!

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