workout tree climber

boulder     dapper

deck  4th

summer berry trifle  summer walk

sunrise  saturday

turtle  rain

daddy  shadow

smiler   laugh festred balloon   sewing

meeker      sand dunes

ice cream      froyopool sibs

My kids are both currently taking the nap of a lifetime in the car (precisely why I decided to run errands at 2 o’clock in the afternoon) and I’m sitting here looking at all of the pictures I’ve taken this summer and just feeling overwhelmed with happiness. We’ve been knocking things off our bucket list and getting tan (even though I’ve recently become obsessed with SPF 50…I wish I would have listened to my mama when she told me to wear sunscreen when I was seventeen…wrinkles, oof) and Adrienne is thiiiiiiis close to swimming on her own and won’t wear clothes EVER, and Jesse can’t stop, won’t stop smiling and laughing and he’s SLEEPING almost though the night and Meeker and I have been going on dates every week and eating ice cream regularly and I cut off my hair and liked it for a week and now I’m like whhhhy did I do that, but it doesn’t even matter because…I just love summer so so much.

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