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porch hangs

teething on flowers

Jesse crawling



We have this little garden bed that sits just to the side of our front porch. It’s small and never really grows flowers very well and I tend to get frustrated with it every summer. Last summer, I actually thought it was growing some large wildflowers (like up to my shoulder) and then my aunt stopped by one day and said Hey, you have so much tumbleweed growing here!

Uh, right. I meant to grow tumbleweed on my front porch.

Ahem. Anyway. Meeker knows my frustration with this little patch, so this year he bought me a huge pack of wildflower seeds and I dumped the whole thing in that little patch hoping SOMETHING would take root, and it did! I have no idea what these droopy pink flowers are, but they are gorgeous and I love them. Every time Adrienne walks by one, she pulls on a strand of one and they are so surprisingly sturdy, almost like a rope. It’s crazy. But they’re getting very heavy and starting to tip over, and I know that with fall fast approaching, they’ll soon be gone. Anyone know what these flowers are? I’d love to plant them again next year! Or even better…will they come back??


(and this face makes me laugh so hard)

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