sink float


Here’s a pretty easy (really easy) activity that I used to do with my third graders. Obviously, I scaled it down a bit for my blonde beauty, but it was still so fun, she loved this little introduction to the scientific method.

First we gathered twenty items from around the house and separated them into two containers:

(1) things we thought would float

(2) things we thought would sink

Then we tested each item in a big bowl of water and then re-categorized based on our findings. So fun. Turns out she was mostly completely wrong, but that’s the fun part. She laughed every time she was wrong and laughed every time she was right. Then we talked a bit about different materials (well, first we had to define materials) and then wrote our findings on the blackboard in out kitchen. When Meeker came home for lunch, I made her talk to him about what we found out…just to reinforce it.

Hope you try it with your little ones and have as much fun as we did!

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