It’s the time of year when the mornings are freezing and you wear slippers and sweatshirts and then by 9 o’clock you’re tearing layers off and changing into shorts and flip flops, and then back into your cozies when the sun goes down at 6 o’clock.

That time of year when sipping (and snuggling your cheek up to) something warm is a delicious feeling. Not yet completely necessary, but so comforting. Hot chocolate season!

Which always reminds me of sitting on cold bleachers and burning the snot out of my tongue every Friday night as I sipped on watery hot chocolate and cheered for my high school football team. Without fail, my tongue started healing right around Thursday morning…and then BAM! Friday night, I burned off all the taste buds again.

So, let’s make it ourselves and scale the heat down a bit, huh?

And amp up the flavor.

With the addition of the melted white chocolate, this is THEE creamiest, most indulgent, decadent drink ever. I would like to tell you that it is making sleep training easier (which, I finally caved into…for eight months now, I’ve been creating a nursing/rocking –ALLNIGHTLONG – schedule that I was completely incapable of maintaining and so my doctor and my husband and my family and my friends made me bite the bullet and teach him to sleep on his own, but it’s awwwwfuuul. I don’t think I could ever let him just cry it out on his own completely, but I’ve been letting him cry in little increments and then snuggling him and encouraging him and putting him back in his own crib and IT”S WORKING, and at the same time holy heck it’s difficult for my heart.

But with a mug of this hot chocolate in my hands, it’s the teensiest, tiniest smidgen more bearable.

Here’s to hoping we’ll all be sleeping though the night by Christmas!


(my little hand model was rewarded with a mug of her own hot chocolate)


pumpkin spiced white hot chocolate

serves one conservatively, two generously

Combine everything in a small saucepan and stir constantly until chocolate is melted and hot enough to your liking. Enjoy!

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