lacing mat

Do you know what busy bags are?

I didn’t until a friend of a friend of a friend emailed me and asked me to participate in a busy bag swap. I had to google it and it’s way cool.

busy bag swap idea

Basically, you make a bunch of copies of an activity to keep a toddler “busy” (but really they’re learning things, not just busy work!) and then you all get together for a few minutes and swap a copy of your activity with a bunch of other activities and everyone goes home with bags full of different fun preschool things.

I participated a few weeks ago and we’ve been having so much fun pulling a bag out once a week and getting busy.

This one was my idea. I got these sink mats at the dollar store (so, they were a $1!) and then cut a million scraps of ribbons to thread through all the holes. I’ll be honest, at first, I liked the idea way more than Adrienne did. I had to sit with her and teach her how to weave, but once she got the hang of it, she really liked it too!

(so for the swap, I made twelve of these lacing mats – just put the mat and a bunch of ribbons in a bag and printed some fun activities you could try…creating shapes, patterns, etc.), and then traded eleven of them for other peoples’ activities. Does that make sense? Hope so.)

busy bag idea

I’ll be sure to share some others with you all as we enjoy them. There are some really great ones in our collection!


This bub is good at keeping busy, too.

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