AB painting

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kitchen table



Meeker was out of town for a hunting trip last week and I took the few days he was away to paint our kitchen table. Surprise! He knew I wanted to paint it. I constantly talk about how I want to paint everything in our house white. If I could dip our house in white paint, I would. Yeah, it’d be a pain to clean, but ooooh it’d be so bright and pretty!

So I jumped in with the kitchen table. You’ve got to start somewhere right?

And then I remembered why I don’t do more projects like this. I would love, love, love to. My home and craft pinterest boards are exploding with things I want to do! But doing this kind of multiple-day project (three coats of paint = three days of work and then two days to let it all really dry) in a space we use a thousand times a day when with two little ones was a task and half. Keeping them both from climbing on/setting things on the table for a week was tricky. Suffice it to say that Adrienne and I both still have paint in our hair, and Jesse is really tired of being in his high chair/bouncy seat and we blew out 3/4 of the tires on our stroller from escaping the house + paint smell every chance we got. Maybe in another season of life I can be a DIY monster and do allll the projects. I’d love to! Just the simple (hah, simple, pfffft) change of paint brightened up this space so much…I’m so excited about it (and Meeker didn’t mind it either. Well, if he did, he didn’t say anything. He’s too good to me.).

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