dark chocolate halloween bark

Can I really do this?

Can I throw two ingredients together and call it a halloween(ish) recipe? One day before halloween?

No? Okay.

Lets not call it a recipe. BUT it is totally something you should try. It was born (like most recipes in this house) out of severe 3pm hunger pangs.

You know the scene. Open cabinet. Peer inside. Close cabinet. Get a big drink of water. Walk to the fridge and open it. Close fridge. Go back to cabinet. Close cabinet.

WAIT. I’ll have handful of almonds. Okay, almonds and goldfish, just because the bag is open and pointed in my direction.

Okay, I’ll have a few chocolate chips with that.

Oh man, that goldfish + chocolate combination isn’t bad.

dark chocolate goldfish bark

Go back to cabinet and grab three more handfuls of chocolate and goldfish.

Then I decided to just make it official and melt the chocolate and add the crunched goldfish on top. Official things fill me up more.

So let’s call this the officially easy last minute pantry raid halloween(ish) treat.

dark chocolate godlfish skull

(Also, when we ordered the chocolate that we like to have on hand in the cabinet – seriously, making bark out of this chocolate and any/all pantry items is the easiest, most impressive dessert EVER – this hilarious little skull mold came in our shipment. Adrienne is infatuated with – and not at all scared – with all things halloween.)

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