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This fall has been so good to us! It’s been unseasonably warm and we’ve spent so much time outside, it makes my heart sing.

Also, obviously, my kids make my heart sing. I don’t think I’ve taken a picture of anything except them in months. Mostly because they’re so beautiful I can hardly stand it. But I realized while putting photos together for this post that I have exactly three pictures of myself with my kids (or by myself) since Jesse was born. Three pictures in nine months! That’s crazy and I need to make sure I make it in more pictures. I so, so, so treasure every single photo I have of my mom and I, I want to make sure my little ones have some of me as well. So, I’m going to need to break out that self-timer. Consider yourselves warned.

Until then…here are my adorable children. I made Adrienne’s costume by tracing a long dress she had in her closet, and using this belt tutorial. Jesse is wearing an old white outfit of Adrienne’s and we found the hat at the Disney Store. He only kept it on for about three seconds, but I still say it was $15 well spent.

Happy November!

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