fort side

fort bw

lights bw

(don’t worry, I stopped taking pictures and got the lights out of his mouth after this picture!)

kids fort

A couple of months ago, Meeker and I started loosing our marbles over all the toys we had in our house. We don’t have a (finished) basement and the only space to really store them is right in our living room – the part of the house we use most. We had containers of toys that were rarely played with, and they were such a huge part of our living space. It seemed like such a waste. So, I told Adrienne to pick a few toys we were going to move to her room, and the rest of them I boxed up and stored away. I didn’t throw them away (because honestly, I thought once they were gone, the kiddos might get bored and want them back…hah), but I stored them with a bunch of boxes in our unfinished basement.

And guess what? No one even noticed. We had all this space back in our living room, and my kids were playing more creatively and Adrienne was helping me more with things around the house (maybe just an age thing, maybe because she realized she didn’t have any toys to play with…I don’t really know, but I’ll take it!) Ninety percent of the time, they both are trying to play with whatever I am trying to get done. Wet laundry, toilet scrubbing, dishes, bathtub cleaning, vacuuming, cooking…they just want to be involved. And without the toys as a crutch for me to throw at them, I found that I either got them involved with what I was doing (Jesse loves to sit in the sink while I do dishes, for example), OR we came up with some other creative thing to do. Like art, or playing in the dirt outside (I totally count that as creative), or building forts!

We built this fort Friday night and I think it’s probably going to be a fixture in our living room for a while. For some reason this is way less annoying to me than toys all over the floor. I don’t know, but I think it’s the twinkle lights. Something about them just makes all of us want to curl up in there and read….which we spent a good majority of our weekend doing, it was magical.

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