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The little turkeys and I got the chance to preview a new Whole Foods store last week. It officially opens to the public on December 9th (tomorrow!) but we got to go in while everything was being set up and get a little tour of all the coolness inside.

There were a lot of appealing things about the store (it’s so aesthetically pleasing…we got to watch the chalk artists create a lot of the signs around the store!) but the thing that I liked most was their push to make it a family friendly place. I can get a little intimidated in big stores like that…especially if I am looking for a certain item (for some reason, trying to find certain meat and cheeses always makes me anxious…like I’m going to buy the wrong thing and totally ruin a recipe, or feed my little ones some weird genetically modified craziness that I am oblivious to).

But they have shopping guides for such things, and such a knowledgeable staff that is super willing to help a mama who just wants to get healthy food into her cart and get home to feed her children, who are steadily losing their marbles as they get more and more hungry. Their bulk section is ahhmazing (over 300 things items, plus a nice hefty bulk spice section…major cost saver), and they also feature so many (so many!) local vendors. A lot of their cheeses are from nearby farms, and we got to try some potato chips that were made only a few miles away. It has a very farmer’s market vibe, which is neato.

I felt super privileged to be preview the store, and even though it was a little bit of a haul from my house, I liked it so much I will for sure drive back up there and check it out once it’s in full swing! If you’re in the Westminster area…Whole Foods Bradburn…go check it out!

cookie decorator

nursing room

(oooh, and speaking of hungry children, Adrienne got a private cookie decorating lesson with the bakery department aaaand…bonus of all bonuses…there is a nursing room IN THE STORE. With a nice comfy, plush chair and plenty of room for a toddler to frolic about as well. I mean…I sort of want to move in)

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