I’m so excited for the opportunity to give you guys a chance to win a full set of GIR’s kitchen tools. THE ENTIRE COLLECTION! I own every single (yep, allll) product that GIR has made. They are absolute staples in our kitchen. They don’t break or melt, they don’t get hot if you leave them in a soup pot, and they make awesome teething toys for babes (bonus!)….and that’s just the spatulas and spoons. Those lids up there are the most convenient things ever…you just place them over the size bowl you have, and they instantly seal it. No need for foil or plastic wrap everrrrr again (and they have an itty bitty one to cover your coffee cup and keep it warm…I use that one daily).

Their mission statement is simple, Get It Right (GIR). I first leaned about the company when they were just a little kickstarter campaign, and now hundreds of rave reviews later, I get the chance to share the love with you. (and can I just say what amazing Christmas gifts these would make? they would. they so would.)

All you need to do to enter is follow GIR on twitter, instagram, and/or facebook and leave a comment telling me you did so.

I’ll announce a winner on Thursday. Good luck! (Contest is closed!)


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