one hour

meeting sister

(the above and below pictures are probably my favorite captures of all time.)

meeting sis

little jess

One year?? How, what, when?? Exactly one year ago today he and I were rushing to the hospital in first, a dirty pick-up truck, and second, an ambulance, preparing to meet each other. Thirty-nine minutes after we left our house, I was holding him in my arms. I look at these pictures and feel all sorts of things.  How quickly it’s gone. How slowly some of those nights have dragged on. How strong this kid is…in every sense of the word. He is physically strong, strong willed, strongly opinionated, strongly handsome…oh wait, that’s not how you say that. Whatever, he’s a good looking kid (says his moooom). But really, while STRENGTH can prove a sometimes frustrating trait in a baby, I know that that same strength is going to serve him so well in life, and I’ve spent the last three-hundred-sixty-five days convincing myself that I was picked to be his mama and that I’m totally capable of raising this strong baby boy to grow up to be a good strong adult man.

And although there have been some hard moments, he is incredibly good natured. He smiles so so much. He laughs at the tiniest nod in his direction. He loves his sister, his mama, his daddy, his grandma, his poppy, his cousins, the checkout people at the grocery store, the mailman, the dog…really, everybody. He loves the world. He loves all the people in the world. I cannot wait to see who he grows into this year and beyond.

I love you, my little blue-eyed boy. To the moon and back a gazillion times. I’m so glad you’re mine.



morning light


jesse bright birthday

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