birthday decor



smash c ake

he likes cake

a few pictures from Jesse’s first birthday party last week.

This was actually the only first birthday party I’ve thrown. We didn’t have one for Adrienne because my mom was in the hospital at that time. I was kind of hesitant to even throw one for him, it just seems sort of superfluous, but in the end I’m really glad we did. I had fun celebrating this boy! We kept everything pretty low key and only had family (which is 26 people, hah.) and just served cake and coffee. I had to convince him to try the cake, but then he really got into it and ate almost every crumb. That’s my boy!

(in case you’re wondering…for the smash cake I stacked two funfetti cupcakes together (made from this cookbook) and frosted it to kingdom come, and then made the cover cake from this cookbook (chocolate peanut butter pretzel!) for all the adults. Both were deeeelicious.)

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