I’ve got your new boxed mac and cheese.

And before you roll your eyes at me, let me say upfront that I have nothing against boxed mac and cheese. In fact, I ate so much of it when I was pregnant with both children that they probably have it running through their bloodstream (I can just hear my husband telling me that I have a profound misunderstanding of the human body with that last sentence).

Anyway. This pasta is requested often over here. We’re trying to come up with some sort of sign for it for Jesse,but both of them really do love it.

AND, best part, it’s so cheap and easy. Literally cheaper than and as easy as kraft. I wouldn’t lie to you. Plus it has just a few more nutrients. Not a lot more…it’s pasta, folks, and I added butter. But it has peas (!) and actually…no cheese.

set up

Ready? I’m not even going to type it out like a recipe, because it would be insulting your intelligence, I’ll just show ya. mmmkay? Go.


You need some pasta (we like orzo), some frozen peas, a tablespoon or two of butter, a pinch of salt, and a handful of nutritional yeast.


Salt the water, cook the pasta. Throw the frozen peas in at the last minute. Drain. Add all the other ingredients (and a splash of milk if you’re feeling it).

peas pasta

Stir, stir, stir. Serve.

spoon learning

Look at that focus. He wants to be able to use a spoon so badly, but gets super frustrated and I end up feeding him most nights.

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