(all day, every day…jumping on the couch, cushions cast on to the floor)winter3(sweet pup loves the snow)


(caught this touching moment…Meeker telling Adrienne about a time when he was little and he ate a whole bowl of ramen noodles and then threw it right up. She was impressed.)


(^^ I love this one because Adrienne was trying to count snowflakes and Jesse was playing with a bowl of snow I brought inside. It just shows them both so perfectly doing their thing.)winter6

…and as I was looking through, I realized that Adrienne is in three different outfits over the course of these pictures. It really was all in the same day, and I love so much that I captured it like that. The girl changes clothes every hour sometimes. She usually starts out in leggings and a comfortable shirt, then always, ALWAYS changes to party dress mid-morning, and then gets back into something cozy around about three o’clock and then generally dons a costume come dinnertime. She’s the most creative little thing. I can’t wait to see what she does with that wildly imaginative brain of hers.

(Also, come back tomorrow for a fun math idea for three year olds!)

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