missing numbers

math mannipulatives

I was talking to my cousin (who is getting her doctorate in math….ooof, she’s so smart it hurts) and I asked her the best place to start with kids & math and she said MANIPULATIVES! Instead of just telling kids how to count, skip count, add, subtract, etc…show them.

I’ll be honest, Adrienne is much more interested in stories and language than she is in math (these little stones usually end up woven into some elaborate story about a magic pebble) but we’re still having fun and introducing basic math concepts by playing with all these little things.

There are so many extension activities you can do with these. Sorting, patterns, ordinal numbers, forward/backward counting, even/odd numbers, addition, subtraction, basic algebra…and, real talk, those little containers full of beads or stones make perfect rattles for one year old boys.

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