snow ice cream

Hi! Are you buried under mountains of snow? I have just the ticket for you!

I had actually never made snow ice cream before this (and am actually pretty excited to try some fancy flavors….we’ve got a lot of snow). We made this easy little treat the other day around hour twelve of being stuck inside with nothing to do. I kind of wanted to pull my hair out, and then I thought…ICE CREAM. yes, yes, let’s do it!

snow ice cream2

I think the proper (sanitary?) way to collect snow would probably be to put a clean bowl outside when it starts snowing and let it fill up. But we just scooped some up from the deck…right where the dog eats. There’s not much regard for dirt ingestion in this household. Bulks up the immune system, right? Riiiight?

punky snow


snow icecream

Take some snow. Sprinkle some sugar over it. Pour a little milk over it. Pour a little vanilla over it. Stir, stir, stir…enjoy!

snow ice cream1

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