Nothing makes you appreciate a normal Saturday morning at home like a week of total stress and chaos.

Tuesday morning we took Jesse to the doctor because it seemed like he was really working hard to breathe, and they immediately put an oxygen mask on him and sent us to the hospital. It was all pretty dramatic, and we ended up staying in the hospital with the little guy until Friday afternoon. I’ll tell ya, as a mama, I don’t think I’ve ever done anything that hard. Seeing him all helpless like that in a tiny hospital bed (crib) with oxygen hooked up and a heart monitor and all sorts of x-rays, and breathing procedures being done to him….ooof. It was really tough.


BUT, good news…WONDERFUL, amazing, fantastic, sparkling news, actually…we’re back home and he’s thriving again. Meeker and I caught each other’s eyes on a totally normal moment Saturday morning while the kids were just hanging out playing and I was making pancakes…and we both just welled up with tears. The whole week just really put things into perspective and I’m going to try so hard not to take this normal, calm little existence of ours for granted any longer. No sireeee.


This boy. He even took his first real steps on Saturday evening. It was like he knew he was out of the woods, and he just wanted to show us how strong he was. I just adore him so much.

Hope you’re having a great Monday! I have a fun little craft to share with you later this week that all the three year olds in your life (girls and boys!) will love.

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