twig crown

Because, we really want to be skipping around in sundresses wearing flower crowns, but that’s not super realistic. So let’s make the best of it, shall we?




little crafty pants

(she loves that hot glue gun so much…don’t worry Meek, I watched her closely)

hot gluing


twig crown white

Bundle up. Go on a walk with a basket and tell your three your old to pick up as many dead sticks as she can find. She can even break them off of low trees/bushes if she wants.

You’ll end up with plenty.

Then come home, cut a piece of fabric the size of your child’s head (or even thick paper would work!) and hot glue the sticks all around. Then turn it inside out (twigs on the inside) and sew the fabric (or paper) to fit your little one’s noggin. Then carefully flip it back so the twigs are facing out, and you’re good to go. I was thinking as I was looking at these pictures it would even be fun to spray paint the whole thing one color if you’re so inclined.


(also watch out for little brother eye/face pokes…it can happen to the best of us)

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