I made a food and took pictures!

roasted taco bowl

Well, I make food all the time. Feels like a thousand times a day, actually. BUT, It felt so nice to plate everything all pretty and put it in a good light and snap a few shots before we ate dinner.

It helped that there were pretty colors, too. And then the stars aligned when it actually tasted amazing and I realized I could tell you all about it. I really do like looking at and talking about food…I’d kind of forgotten.

roasted taco bowls

So, roasted taco bowls. Here ya go.

Just take whatever vegetables you have in your freezer and/or veggie drawers (in this case, cherry tomatoes, collard greens, and corn), drizzle some oil over everything and roast at 425 for 10ish minutes (well, it really depends on what kind of vegetables you have…things like broccoli, cauliflower, or squash will take longer).

Then brown up some ground chicken in a skillet. Throw your favorite salsa over it in the last few minutes and set aside.

Cook some rice.

Put the rice in bowl and put everything on top

Take a small container of plain yogurt and blitz it in a food processor with some cilantro and lime juice and dollop (A LOT) on top of everything along with more salsa and dig in, my pretties.

roast taco bowls

(also, how do you feel about that recipe format above. I’m digging it, but is it totally confusing? I’ll edit & write it up with more precision if it’s helpful…let me know in the comments!)

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