I think I only have about two months left of lumping both of my kids into the toddler category. Weird that I pretty much have a KID now. Like…a kid, kid.

Anyway, kids or toddlers, these quick lunches are mostly healthy and easy to eat for little ones. I’m actually not a big lunch eater these days (I tend to snack all morning, and then have another snack late afternoon), but these babes of mine don’t subscribe to my schedule, so here are five lunch ideas for (myself and) you mamas out there.

2015-03-30 08.15.32 3

1. Snack plates for the win! those little tortilla triangles had melted cheese sandwiched in the middle, and the dips up in the top right corner are hummus for the carrots + sour cream for the quesadillas because Adrienne is in love with sour cream. Then there are freeze dried blueberries (trader joes!) and cherry tomatoes.

2015-03-30 08.15.37 2

2. tuna salad with cucumber dippers and raisins on the side.

2015-03-30 08.15.40 2

(she likes it when I stand on the back of her chair to take pictures)

2015-03-30 08.15.43 2 (1)

3. more snacking…we had a lot of shredded chicken last week and avocado is always, always a hit. (also, carrots shredded like that are good for babes with only a couple of molars)

2015-03-30 08.15.45 2

4. Cheese, applesauce, and celery + peanut butter + raisins. All her favorites (minus sour cream)!

2015-03-30 08.15.52 2

5.The forever favorite. My kids FLIP over popcorn, but since it has approximately zero nutritional value, we sprinkle nutritional yeast (with butter + salt) on top and serve it alongside a smoothie. (Also, save your paper coffee cups, rinse them out, jam a straw through the hole and you have the perfect smoothie cup for mess-making one year old boys.)

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