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Springtime is always unpredictable.Some days you need your swimsuit (like on Easter…halleljuah, my kids swam in a pool on the deck and the adults sat in the sunshine all the live long day!) and some days you need your snow hat.

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Unfortunately we picked a day to picnic that fell into the latter category. It was sunny, yes…but windy and freezing. Adrienne requested to go home about twenty minutes after we arrived (and after she dug her winter hat out of the bottom of the stroller) and then we got home, the sun went away and it snowed a couple of inches

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But, we had a few good games of hide and seek and a lot of hummus consumption while we were there so, not a total loss.

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A couple of weeks ago, we were sent this this neat little bento lunchbox by rove to try out and we really love it. Anything that keeps food organized like this is a win for a toddler. Or at least, my toddlers. Something about categorizing snacks is just so fun.

And they are generously giving TWO readers a chance to win one for your very own self. Yippee skippy! They are dishwasher safe (the only way things get clean over here!), come with cute clip-in utensils, a removable (and sleek) ice pack… they’ve thought of everything. I so wish I would have had one of these puppies when I was working. It would have made lunch packing so much more convenient (but no matter, I get mid-week April picnics now, and that’s really the ultimate win as far as I’m concerned).

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All you have to do to WIN for yourself is leave a comment on the post. I’ll pick two random winners Thursday night and contact you by Friday if you’re chosen. Happy lunching!

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