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Nope. Not a food recipe.

An art recipe. Sorry if you came here thinking you were going to see a big bowl of brightly colored vegetables swimming in a delicious broth.

Instead…toddlers mushing things around in bag.

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But still brightly colored!

I’ve done this with finger paints before, but it always ends in a mash of brown about two seconds into the kneading. 2015-04-26 07.00.58 1

I actually found this little art project scribbled in the margin of a preschool art book that I found when cleaning out my dad’s house a few weeks ago. Aside from the fact that it’s always cool to find things written in my mom’s loopy scrawl, my kids both really liked this AND a week later, after having them taped to our window getting lots of walk-by smooshes, they aren’t yet brown!

My mom also had a list of words to introduce to preschoolers while doing this activity: mix, blend, combine, change, knead. Obviously, Adrienne already knows those words and Jesse isn’t quite old enough to get them yet, but that would have been perfect for a two or young three year old.  2015-04-26 07.01.29 1

(and as a PS at the bottom of the page, she wrote these will get moldy after a while, so store in the fridge…which I haven’t done, but should probably do, because…moms are always right)

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rainbow stew

  • 1/3 C sugar
  • 1 C cornstarch
  • 4 C cold water

Heat all ingredients, while whisking, until mixture begins to thicken. Cool.

Divide mixture equally into three containers, then add red, yellow, and blue food coloring (you could experiment with different colors, too) until it turns into the hue you want.

Add three heaping tablespoons full of each color to a heavy duty sealable bag.

Seal the bag and tape it closed (I used packing tape).

This will make about 6-7 bags full, so you could halve the recipe if you want, or just do a lot of them!

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