alfalfa sprouts

taking care of sprouts


As I sit here writing this, both of my children are happily exploring our backyard. One of them is crawling on the ground looking for roley poleys. The other is sitting in what will be our garden in a few weeks, digging up worms and watching them squirm back down into the dirt.

I’m sitting inside (where I can see them) working on my second cup of coffee and pondering how cool it is that we have the freedom to homeschool right now. How it makes me a better mama to just let my kids be inquisitive little people and let them explore rather than cleaning them up after breakfast and rushing them out the door to school. Obviously, there would be good things to learn at school too, but I’m just feeling so grateful that for now, I can just let them learn right here…literally in our backyard. We’ve been learning a lot about plants lately, and these pictures are from our quick experiment to sprout alfalfa seeds.

It all started when our grocery store stopped selling them because they were getting moldy too quickly or something. I didn’t really ask the produce guy for details. I just know Adrienne and I were bummed about it, so we thought let’s see if we can grow our own, and it turns out we can. Really easily. Which is another thing I love so much about being able to teach my kids. I can teach them what they really want to learn. Things that are super useful to our everyday life.Yes, we have a reading curriculum. Yes, we practice number sense and basic math skills. Yes, there will come a day when they have to memorize their multiplication tables and learn how to grammatically dissect a sentence. But right now, right this moment, I’m feeling desperately content to let them school themselves with the outdoors and with their inquisitive little minds.

(I have to add, that Adrienne and Jesse are both now trying to mimic the dove coo that is constantly going in a tree behind our house. Just sitting out there giggling at each other and cooing like doves. Is this real life? I am overwhelmed with joy at there little minds just learning and exploring so organically right now.)

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