This wildly inquisitive, gorgeous, lively, refreshing, joyful girl is four today. She’s been filling my soul with joy and laughter for four solid years now. I think back and can’t even remember who I was or what I thought/cared about before she came along. Honestly. I know there’s a whole movement of mothers who place a large emphasis on defining oneself outside of the title mother, but for me, I’ll tell ya, this is it. This is the gig I wanted my whole life. My ultimate. The top of my ladder. I had no idea what I was in store for when I held this precious babe in my arms for the first time. As Adrienne likes to say Mom, when you had me, you thought I was going to be awesome…but I was even BETTER than awesome.

Indeed. More and better than I could have ever imagined, my dear. You are my darling. My star. I will always love you with my entire being and I cannot wait to see how many people you’re going to bless with your life.

Happy Fourth Birthday to my best bud.

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