jesse bear

in action

Jesse Jump

Jess and AB

(^^this picture makes me laugh. I had just gasped because I thought they were both going to fall off the table. They didn’t. Then they looked at me like this.)

Jesse Eighteen Months

This sweet boy. Although he needs a haircut (and longer pants) in these pictures, I cannot stand how cute and loveable this child is. At a year and  half, he’s starting to talk more, is trying his very hardest to learn to jump off the ground (but just does a bunch of squats in a row, because he can’t figure it out), loves bananas, his family, nursing (I have no idea how to wean him), walks, being at home, and running around like a maniac all the day long. He falls and hurts himself every hour or so, and cries really loudly for about thirty seconds and then demands to get down and start running again. He sleeps through the night about once a week, and has started to take one monster-sized nap in the middle of the day (like two and a half hours…glory be!). He is obsessed with all things that have wheels. Thanks to him, our whole family knows the name of every construction truck ever made, and we talk about them daily. He adores his big sister, and she is ever so patient with him. She teaches him so many things a day (mostly how to say new words and climb on things), I’m not sure how I’d raise this energetic boy without her extra set of eyes to help me throughout the day.

Most recently, she taught him to climb on the coffee table, jump to the couch, and say “dat, dat, dat, BOOM.” whatever the heck that means…they laugh hysterically every time. Some inside joke that I’m not privy to. He only fell off the couch twice over the course of these pictures, which I thought was a giant success.

I could not love you more, my adorable, affectionate, wild, loud little Jesse Bear.


(also, this made me smile…Adrienne sitting really still at one and a half.)

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