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(^^his hair grows so fast, I can’t keep up with the haircuts, and I’m jealous.)


(^^part of my heart belongs to those mountains in Ouray)




(^^Adrienne took this one)






summer pre pool shot

Goodness, this summer has been full. Full of some good, full of some hard, but looking through these pictures makes me reflect on how sweet it’s been overall. I have decided to go back to work part-time this fall helping to run an after school program  (actually, I’ve already started) and it feels like summer is rapidly coming to an end, which always wrenches my heart just a bit. So, I’m just going to scroll over these many photos and sit here for a minute before the weather officially turns crisp and apples replace peaches.

This summer we were outside more than we’ve ever been (mostly because Jesse learned how to open the front door and I swear Adrienne and I spent half the summer chasing him down the street.) We hardly ever wore shoes, but always wore sunscreen (I know I’m embracing my 30s solely based on my newfound love of sunscreen). We went to Ouray, Colorado for vacation with my family. Meeker and I celebrated eight years of marriage. We ate a lot of fruit and tried to figure out new uses for swiss chard (which is still spilling out of the garden).

Also, I built a sandbox for my kids, which was surprisingly easy and has been such a hit. I mean HOURS playing in that thing. Also, Adrienne really, really learned how to swim, which has been amazing to watch. She conquered the diving board and the water slide just this last week and my heart soars with pride and joy to watch her be so brave and big.

Ahh, breathe it in, breathe it in. I can almost feel fall knocking at the door, but I’m telling it to go away for just a few more weeks.

back to school

(oh, and AB gets to come with me to work and wear this sweet little uniform. Makes me laugh everyday).

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