AB running

back puddle



(these reflections make me so happy!)


and we're off



At least once a day, and usually more, someone in the family declares our need for a walk. It’s probably my favorite thing about where we live. It’s also, hands down, my favorite activity for our family. I’m pretty sure I’d choose going for a long walk over Disneyland most days.

I was thinking last week that I needed to capture one of these outings. I want to never forget these babies at exactly this age doing exactly what they do when we go for a walk. Especially that puddle business. If it’s rained anytime in the last two days, that huge puddle awaits and we usually spend 20-30 minutes just splashing our faces off right there. (Oh, and then one or both of them is pants-less for the rest of the walk)


Ahh, I’m going to come back here and meditate on these images when it’s two degrees in February.


(crabapple testing)

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