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I am having so much fun teaching kindergarten to my girl.

And just to answer any questions you might have upfront, yes she is only four, but I just decided she was ready. I taught her to read last year using this book (highly recommend) and since then she’s just been an information devouring machine. I’m sure like all four year olds, she wakes up asking why, how, what, when…over and over to every single thing we encounter throughout the day, and doesn’t stop until long after she’s supposed to be asleep. Since she’s now reading around a 3rd grade level, it seemed like  waste to just do another year of preschool with her. She’s known her shapes/colors/numbers/letters etc. for a while now, so I thought I’d jump in with Kindergarten (we’re doing this curriculum, and loving it so far) and I thought, if it’s too hard, I’ll modify, and if it’s too easy, I’ll add my own stuff. Turns out I’ve done a little of both, which probably means it’s just right.


As for Jesse, he just sort of hangs out. Sometimes he does his own thing (plays) while we’re doing a learning activity, sometimes he participates. For the most part, he’s a pretty easy going kid (except for last week when he was sick and super clingy, so I just wore him in the ergo when I needed my hands free).

So anyway, it’s perfect right now. There are challenges that come with teaching your own kiddo, but so far for us it’s just been really rewarding being able to spend the morning learning and exploring together. I’m so grateful that Meeker and I are the ones getting to teach her about her world. It’s humbling and challenging and we are growing closer and learning more (me included!) everyday.



OH, and something cool about teaching where you’re one foot from your kitchen. Cookie lessons. We’ve been learning about the moon, and I thought there wasn’t a better way to review the moon phases than with sugar cookie cutouts (and bonus, Jesse was way into this one too!). We all followed this recipe (it’s the best/easiest cutout recipe EVER) and then Adrienne and  I cut them into circles with a water glass, and then used the same glass to cut out portions of the full circles to make crescent and gibbous shapes. Then I had her match them up on a piece of paper with the labels. And then of course, we ate a lot of moon shaped cookies.

Kindergarten is just so fun, you guys. I’m having a blast.

moon phase cookies



Speaking of having fun, my sweet friend here in Denver named Savannah has started a cocktail/canvas type of business, but instead of just cocktails with your art lesson, she brings a whole mess of delicious food to YOU and then teaches you to paint.  If you and your friends are looking for a fun girls night, I would highly recommend Savannah and Palettes. (ps. I’ve tried the Mexican Eggrolls that she serves during her class, and they are G-O-O-D.) Girl is talented…check her out!

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